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Steel structures : by Salmon, Charles G. Structural design of cable- suspended roofs / by Sazabo, J. Sustainable design: by Williams, Daniel E. Sustainable healthcare architecture / by Guenther, Robin Systems analysis and design methods / by Whitten, Jeffrey L. Systems engineering architecture and design / by Beam, Walter R. Tadao Ando : by Blaser, Werner. Talk about contemporary gardens / by Dumond, Chantal Colleu. Talking architecture / by Rewal, Raj. Textbook of town planning / by Bandyopadhyay. Abir. Texture + materials / by Gagg, Russell. The hotel book : The architect's guide to residential design / by Malone, Michael. The architect's portable handbook / by Guthrie, Pat. The architectural drawing course / by Zell, Mo. The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright / by Levine, Neil. The Architecture of the visible : by Macphee, Graham The best in science, office, and business park design / by Phillips, Alan. The buildings that revolutionized architecture / The city of London : The climatic dwelling : The e-business (r)evolution : by Amor, Daniel. The enterprise architecture IT project : by Longépé, Christophe. The house of mckim, mead & white / by White, Samuel G. The Intel microprocessors : by Brey, Barry B. The Intel microprocessors : by Brey, Barry B. The Intel microprocessors : by Brey, Barry B. The least developed countries report 2010 : The new modern house : by Bell, Jonathan. The new strategic brand management : by Kapferer, Jean-Noel. The phaidon atlas of contemporary world architecture travel edition / The raj landscape : by Mahajan, Jagmohan. The shape of green : by Hosey, Lance The urban pattern : by Gallion, Arthur B. Time - Server standards for housing and residential development / by De Chiara, Joseph. Time saver standards for architectural design : Time-Saver standards for building materials & systems : Time-saver standards for urban design / Tradition in architecture : by Crouch, Dora P. Trompe L'Oril today : by Benad, Ursala. Tropical houses : by Galindo, Michelle. Twentieth-century type and beyond / by Blackwell, Lewis. Twenty century style & design / by Bayley, Stephen. UN studio design models : architecture urbanism infrastructure / by Berke, Ben van Understanding architecture / by Bussagli, Marco Urban and regional planning / by Hall, Peter Urban land use planning / by Berek, Philip R. Voyage / by Karam, Nadim. Web programming with ASP and COM by Crouch, Matt J. Wireless and mobile network architectures / by Lin, Yi-Bing, XS extreme : big ideas, small buildings / by Richardson, Phyllis. ঢাকার প্রাচীন নিদর্শন / by ড'য়লী, স্যার চার্লস ( D'yoli, Sir Charls) পাবনার ঐতিহাসিক ইমারত / by বেগম, আয়শা ( Begum, Aysha ) প্রত্ননিদর্শন: কুমিল্লা / by বেগম, আয়শা ( Begum, Aysha ) ফরাসী চিত্রশিল্পীদের কথা / by চৌধুরী, কবীর. ( Chowdhury, Kabir. ) সমকালীন শিল্প ও শিল্পী / by ইসলাম, নজরুল ( Islam, Nazrul ) সাতক্ষীরার পুরাকীর্তি / by রহমান, মিজানুর ( Rahman, Mizanur)