Economics RSS feed for public list Economics A textbook on banker's advances / by Chowdhury, L. R. Environmental & natural resources economics / by Tietenberg, Tom The Oxford handbook of banking / ইসলামী অর্থনীতি দর্শন ও কর্মকৌশল (Islami Orthonity dorshon o kormokowsol) / by হান্নান, শাহ আব্দুল ( Hannan, Shah Abdul). সুদ ও ইসলামী ব্যাংকিং ( Interest and islami banking) / by আশরাফী, মো. ফজলুর রহমান ( Ashrafi, Md. Fazlur Rahman). 100 minds that made the market / by Fisher, Kenneth L. 2000 annual review of development effectiveness : by Johnston, Timothty. 2001 statistical yearbook of of Bangladesh / A declaration of energy independence : by Hakes, Jay E. A dictionary of banking and finance / by Chowdhury, L.R. A dictionary of economics / by Black, John. A model of pure interest- free banking / by Shingeri, Mohamed Saeed. A textbook on foreign exchange / by Chowdhury, L. R. A unified approach to measuring poverty and inequality : by Foster, James. A world of three zeros : by Yunus, Muhammad, Advanced macroeconomics / by Romer, David. Adversities of development : by Rahman, Khondker Neaz. Against the grain : by Stern, Joel M. Agony of development : Agriculture economics / by Drummond, H. Evan Agriculture efficiency among ultra poor pf the northern region of Bangladesh : by Bidisha, Sayema Haque. An interface-methodology of accounting,economics and finance in the perspective of socio-economic development within SAARC by Sen, Dilip Kumar. An introduction to collective bargaining and industrial relations / by Katz, Harry C. An introduction to Statistics / by Miah, Muhammad Ali. An introduction to statistics and probability / by Islam, M. Nurul. An introduction to the theory of statistics / by Yule, G. Udny. An optimal macro-economic planning model for the Bangladesh economy : by Haque, Wahidul. Annual budget 2018- 19: Annual Budget 2018-2019 : Annual budget 2018-2019 : Annual Budget 2018-2019 : Annual Budget 2019-20 : Annual Budget 2019-20 : Annual Budget 2019-20 : Annual Budget 2019-2020 : Annual Editions : Applied portfolio management : by Shenoy, Catherine. Approaches of MFIs to disasters and climate change adaptation in Bangladesh / by Kabir, Mahfuz. Asian development outlook 2000 / Attacking poverty with microcredit / Auditing and assurance services : by Arens, Alvin A. Automatic wealth : Averting the old age crisis : Avon : by Klepacki, Laura. Back to work : Bangladesh and the IME : by Marin, K. M. Bangladesh apparel sector in post MFA era : by Rahman, Mustafizur. Bangladesh development debates : Bangladesh disaster-related statistics 2015 : Bangladesh economic review 2003 / Bangladesh economy : Bangladesh in the twenty-first century / by Muhith, A M A Bangladesh income tax : by Shil, Nikhil Chandra. Bangladesh Studies / by Khan, Md. Shamsul Kabir. Bangladesh Studies / by Khan, Md. Shamsul Kabir Bangladesh studies / by Khan, Md. Shamsul Kabir. Bangladesh studies / by Khan, Shamsul Kabir. Bangladesh studies and culture / by Das, Sumon. Bangladesh, citizens' perspectives on sustainable development : Bank management / by Rao, V. S. P. Bank management & financial services / by Rose, Peter S. Bank management & financial services / by Rose, Peter S. Bank Management & financlial services / by Rose, Peter S. Bases for science and technology promotion in developing countries / by Choi, Hyung Sup Basic econometrics : by Rahman, Matiur Basic econometrics / by Gujarati, Damodar N. Basic medical endocrinology / by Goodman, H. Maurice. Betting it all : by Malone, Michael S. Bill gross on investing / by Gross, William H. Black gold : by Orwel, George. Blooming children : Building public traust : by Dipiazza, Sameul A. Business economics / by Agarwal, O. M. Business environment : by Paul, Justin Campaign trading : by Sweeney, John. Capital markets : by Fabozzi, Frank J. Capital markets of India : by Kanuk, Alan R. Case problems in finance / Case studies in finance : by Bruner, Robert F. Case studies in participatory irrigation management / Changes and challenges : Child labour and human rights / Civics / by Saffell, David C. Climate financing for sustainable development : Climate financing for sustainable development : CNBC creating wealth : by O'Connell, Brian. Co-operatives in the new millennium / Coach yourself to success : by Maglia, Joe. College mathematics : by Barnett, Raymond A. Commercial banking : by Gup, Benton E. Commitments of traders : by Upperman, Floyd. Comparative economics systems : by Rosefielde, Steven. Competing to be really, really good : by Fujimoto, Takahiro, Conflict of interests : by Spring, Joel H. Contemporary issues in development / by Ahmad, Qazi Kholquzzaman. Contribution of Islamic Thought to Modern Economics : Contribution of microfinance to the gross domestic product (GDP) of Bangladesh / by Raihan, Selim. Converting water into wealth : Coporate aftershock : Cost accounting : by Horngren, Charles T. Development and the private sector : Development as freedom by Sen, Amartya. Development experience and emerging challenges : Development issues and strategies of Bangladesh : by Amin, Muhammad Ruhul. Development issues of Bangladesh / Development NGOs and labor unions : Development of Bangladesh with equity and justice / Development of whom for whom by whom / by Ahmad, Qazi Kholiquzzaman. Dictionary of modern English usage / by Pitt, Nancy. Does overlapping borrowing in micro credit market contribute to over indebtedness in Bangladesh / by Khalily, M. A. Baqui. Dynamic of overlapping in the microcredit sector of Bangladesh / by Osmani, S. R. E-Banking : by Dixon, Mary. Ecology and economics : by Sengupta, Ramprasad. Econimic development in Africa report 2013 inter African trade : Economic analysis of contemporary issues in Bangladesh / Economic develipment in Africa report 2012 : Economic development / by Todaro, Michael Economic development : by Higgins, Benjamin. Economic development : by Higgins, Benjamin. Economic development / by Todaro, Michael P. Economic Doctrines Of Islam : by Haq , Ifran Ul Economic justice in Islam / by Yusuf, S. M. Economic reform and trade performance in South Asia / Economic theory and operations analysis / by Baumol, William J. Economics by Sloman, John. Economics : by McConnell, Campbell R. Economics : by McConnell, Campbell R. Economics : by Miller, Roger Leroy. Economics / by Samuelson, Paul A. Economics / by Samuelson, Paul A. Economics / by Sloman, John Economics / by Sloman, John Economics / by Samuelson, Paul A. Economics / by Wilson, J. Holton. Economics / Economics / by Stiglitz, Joseph E. Economics / by Begg, David. Economics 98/99 / Economics development and islamic finance / Economics for business / by Sloman, John Economics of natural resources and the environment / by Pearce, David W. Economics shocks and coping strategied : by Ahmed, Meherun. Ecotourism & the sundarbans : by Hakim, Shekh Serajul. Elementary mathematics for economics / by Dinwiddy, Caroline. Emerging issues in Bangladesh economy : Emerging markets : by Hooke, Jeffrey G. Emerging real estate markets by Lindahl, David. Emissions trading and WTO law : by Deane, Felicity Energy resources of Bangladesh : by Imam, Badrul Energy security in Bangladesh / Enron : by Fox, Loren. Entrepreneurship development in Bangladesh / by Azim, M. Tahill. Environment for sustainable development / Equity and growth in a globalizing World / Ernst & young's financial planning for women : by Elda Di Re. Essays in derivatives : by Chance, Don M. Essays in islamic economic analysis : Essays on banking and development / by Taheruddin, M. Essays on capacity building : by Morshed, M. Mahbubur Rahman. Evolution of jute policies and a jute policy model for bangladesh / by Rahman, Sultan Hafeez. Exchange rates and international finance / by Copeland, Laurence. Exchange rates, capital flows and international trade : by Hossain, Akhtar. Experimental economics : by Miller, Ross M. Fiduciary management : by Nunen, Anton Van Financial administration in Bangladesh / by Patwary, S U. Financial derivatives : by Redhead, Keith. Financial derivatives in theory and practice / by Hunt, P. J. Financial economics / by Bodie, Zvi Financial engineering : by Keith, Cuthbertson. Financial inclusion and poverty alleviation : Financial institutions and markets / by Madura, Jeff. Financial institutions, markets, and money / by Kidwell, David S. Financial markets and instittions / by Mishkin, Frederic S. Financial markets and institutions : by Munna, H. M. Mosarof Hossain. Financial markets and institutions : by Saunders, Anthony Financial markets and institutions / by Madura, Jeff. Financial markets and institutions / by Madura, Jeff. Financial markets and institutions / by Mishkin, Frederic S. Financial modeling using C++ / by Sengupta, Chandan. Financial reckoning day : by Bonner, William. Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation / by Penman, Stephen H. Fiscal management in adjusment leanding / by Datta-Mitra, Jayati. Float analysis : by Woods, Steve. Forbes greatest business stories of all time / by Gross, Daniel. Forecasting for real estate wealth : by Rose, E D. Foreign exchange & risk management / by Ali, Syed Ashraf. Foundations of financial markets and institutions / by Fabozzi, Frank J. Franchise value : by Leibowitz, Martin L., Frontiers of economics : Fundamental methods of mathematical economics / by Chiang, Alpha C. Fundamental of finance : by Munna, H. M. Mosarof Hossain. Fundamentals of futures and options markets / by Hull, John C. Fundamentals of investing / by Gitman, Lawrengce J. Fundamentals of investment appraisal / by Lumby, Steve. Fundamentals of risk and insurance / by Vaughan, Emmett J. Funds 500 / by Morningstar Gender and trade liberalisation in Bangladesh : by Khatun, Fahmida, Gender budget report 2018-19 (forty three ministries/divisions) / Gender budgeting report 2018- 19 / Get rich with options : by Lowell, Lee. Global convertible investing : by Woodson, Hart. Global development finance : Global portfolio diversification : Global trade financing / by Venedikian, Harry M. Globalization and economic nationalism in Asia / Globalization and non-traditional security in South Asia / Governing the modern corporation / by Smith, Roy C. Grash proof : by Schiff, Peter D. Growth and development : by Thirlwall, A. P. Growth and Development in Emerging Market Economies: Guidelines to islamic economics : by Sharif, M. Raihan. Handbook of yarn production : by Lord, Peter R. Health and growth / Health care economics. by Feldstein, Paul J Hedge fund investment management / History of economic thought : by Hunt, E. K. How to approach banks : Human development in South Asia 2001 : Human well-being and economic goals / I'd like the world to buy a coke : by Greising, David. Impact of ex-ante access to microfinance on the coping strategies to cope with monga of poor households in North- Western Bangladesh / by Khan, Md. Tareq Ferdous. Impact of migration on proverty and local development in Bangladesh / by Siddiqui, Tasneem. In the age of the real-time enterprise : by Gunn, Thomas G. Industrial Economics: by Barthwal, R. R. Industrial relations : by Salamon, Michael, Industrial relations / by Monappa, Arun. Industrial relations and labor movement in Bangladesh / by Ahmad, Iqbal. Industrial relations, trade unions, and labour legislation / by Sinha, P. R. N. Industrial relations, trade unions, and labour legislation / by Sinha, P. R. N. Inside Bangladesh economy / by Mahmud, Anu. Integrated water resources management : Intermediate microeconomics : by Varian, Hal R. International economics : by Krugman, Paul R. International economics : by Kreinin, Mordechai E. International economics : by Krugman, Paul R. International economics / by Cherunilam, Francis. International economics / by Carbaugh, Robert J. International economics / by Carbaugh, Robert J. International economics / by Limdert. Peter H. International finance : by Levi, Maurice D. International finance : by Apte, Prasksh G. International financial statistics yearbook / International money & finance / by Melvin, Michael. International political economy : Introduction to agricultural economics / by Penson, John B. Introduction to econometrics : by Madnani, G. M. K. Introduction to economic growth / by Jones, Charles I. Introduction to legal theories : by Khan, Md. Maimul Ahsan. Introduction to mathematical economics / by Dowling, Edward T. Introduction to sociology / by Ritzer, George, Introduction to the sociology of development / by Webster, Andrew, Introduction to transport economics : by Spurling, David J. Introductory econometrics : by Wooldridge, Jeffrey M. Introductory Econometrics with Application / by Ramanathan, Rama. Introductory economics / by Harrison, Barry. Investing in asset-backed securities / Investing in emerging fixed income markets / Investment analysis and portfolio management / Investment analysis and portfolio management / by Reilly, Frank K. Investment banking : by Morrison, Alan D. Investment management for insurers / Investment secrets from PIMCO's bill gross / by Middleton, Timothy Investments : by Jones, Charles P. Investments : by Hirschey, Mark. Investments / by Bodie, Zvi. Investments / by Bodie, Zvi. Investments / by Sharpe, William F. Investments / Islam and warfare : by Bakircioglu, Onder, Islamic banking : Islamic banking finance and insurance : by Ahmed, Salahuddin. Islamic economic systems / by Nomani, Farhad. Islamic economics : by Hamid, Md. Ehramul Islamic economics: by Mannan, M.A. Islamic thinkers on economics, administrations and transactions / by Ghazali, Aidit. Just one thing : Kellogg on technology & innovation / Land reforms in Bangladesh : by Alim, A. Land rights in Bangladesh : by Hussain, T. Last oasis : by Postel, Sandra. Leading issues in economic development / by Meier, Gerald M. Leading issues in Islamic banking and finance / Life & health insurance / by Black, Kenneth. Loss and damage, caused by cyclones sidr, aila and mahasen : by Khan, Md. Tareq Ferdous. Love & money : by Opdyke, Jeff D. Macroeconomic theory and policy / by Branson, William H. Macroeconomics / by Blanchard, Olivier Macroeconomics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory Macroeconomics / by Dornbusch, Rudiger. Macroeconomics / by Colander, David C. Macroeconomics / by Dornbusch, Rudiger. Macroeconomics analysis by Taslim, M. A. Macroeconomics theory and policy / by Branson, William H. Managed trading : by Schwager, Jack D. Management of banking / by MacDonald, S. Scott. Management of banking and financial services / by Suresh, Padmalatha Managerial economics : by Ahuja, H. L. Managerial economics : by Keat, Paul G. Managerial economics : by Truett, Lila B. Managerial economics / by Petersen, H. Craig. Managerial economics / by Gupta, G. S. Managerial economics / by Petersen, H. Craig. Managerial economics / by Petersen, H. Craig. Managerial economics & business strategy / by Baye, Michael R. Managerial economics and business strategy / by Baye, Michael R. Managerial economics in a global economy / by Salvatore, Dominick. Manias, Panics, and Crashes : by Kindleberger, Charles P. Mao, Marx & the market : by LeBaron, Dean. Mathematics : by Prichett, Gordon. Mathematics for economics and finance / by Anthony, Martin. Mathematics with application in business & economics / by Wathen, Samuel A. Measures for high growth and full employment ( a Magnacarta) / by Talukder, Abdul Mannan. Medieval economic thought / by Wood, Diana Medium term budget framework, 2019-20 to 2021-22. Megamedia Shakeout : by Meney, Kevin Methods of statistics / by Ahmed, Abdur Rashid Microeconomic theory / by Whinstion, Michael D. Microeconomics : by Baumol, William J. Microeconomics : by Islam, Mohammed Saiful. Microeconomics : by Browning, Edgar K. Microeconomics : by Browning, Edgar K. Microeconomics : by Dwivedi, D. N. Microeconomics / by Krugman, Paul Microeconomics / by Hubbard, R. Glenn. Microeconomics / by Colander, David C. Microeconomics 2000/2001 / Microeconomics theory / by Gould, John P. Models of microcredit delivery and social norms / by Osmani, S. R. Modern economic theory / by Dewett, K.K. Modern economics : by Harvey, Jack Modern small scale industries and industrial sickness / by Bhat, Khursheed Ahmad. Money and capital markets : by Rose, Peter S. Money banking and international trade / by Sethi, T. T. Money, bamking, and financial markets : by Baye, Michael R. Money, banking, and financial markets / by Cecchetti, Stephen G. Money, banking, and financial markets / by Miller, Roger LeRoy Naked guide to bonds : by Brandes, Michael V. Nation-people-politics : by Mannan, Abdul New international economic order and systemic reforms : by Bokil, S. V. New technology and land elevations: by Banik, Arindam Non- borrowing effects of microfinance participation : by Khandker, Shahidur R. On the principles of political economy and taxation. by Ricardo, David, Options : by Vine, Simon. Options, futures, & other derivatives / by Hull, John C. Options, futures, and other derivatives / by Hull, John C. Paths to wealth through common stocks / by Fisher, Philip A. Paul volcker : by Treaster, Joseph B. Peace and the public purse : Performance of the Bangladesh economy : Personal finance / by Kapoor, Jack R. Political economy and the changing global order / by Stubbs, Richard. Political economy of SARC by Rahman, Atiur. Politics and land system in Bangladesh / by Ali, A. M. M. Shawkat. Popular economics : by Mahmud, Wahiduddin. Portfolio management / by Kevin, S. Poverty, agrarian structure, and political economy in India / by Bardhan, Pranab. Practical approaches to the conservation of biological diversity / Preliminary report on household income & expenditure survey 2016 / Pricing and subsidy policies for Bangladesh agriculture / by Osmani, S R Principle of economics / Principles of agricultural economics / by Barkley, Andrew P., Principles of business economics / by Nellis, Jospeh G. Principles of economics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory. Principles of economics / by Lipsey, Richard G. Principles of managerial finance / by Gitman, Lawrence J. Principles of micro-economics / by Stiglitz, Joseh E. Principles of microeconomics / by Salvatore, Dominick. Principles of transport economics / by Quinet, Emile Private capital flows to developing counties : Privatisation in Bangladesh : Probability and statistics / by Johnson, Dale M. Process of agricultural development in Bangladesh : by Akanda, M. Aminul Islam Professional perspectives on fixed income fortfolio management / Profit power economics : by De Kuijper, Mia. Project monitoring and evaluation system / by Mojid, M. A. Promoting the rural non-farm sector in Bangladesh / Public finance / by Rosen, Harvey S. Public finance and the price system / by Browning, Edgar K. Public finance in theory and practice / by Musgrave, Richard A. Quality of public investment in Bangladesh : Reading in microeconomics / Readings in microfinance reach and impact / Real options and option-embedded securities / by Moore, William T. Reform of state-owned enterprises and privatisation : Reforming the civil service for government performance : by Rahman, A. T. Rafiqur. Regional cooperation in south Asia: Renewable energy : Reorganization of Bangladesh water development board 1999 / Research methodology : by Kothari, C. R. Responsive environments : by Bently, Ian Risk and opportunity : Risk management and financial institutions / by Hull, John C. Risk transfer : by Culp, Christopher L. Rural poverty and agrarian structure in Bangladesh / by Momin, M. A. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of microeconomic theory / by Salvatore, Dominick. Science and Technology in Bangladesh: by Ahmad, Zia Uddin. Screening the market : by Gerstein, Marc H. Security analysis and portfolio management / by Wells, Nicholas. Security analysis on wall street : by Hooke, Jeffrey C. Seeing the elephant : by Marber, Peter. Shaping the future of Bangladesh / by Ahmad, Qazi Kholiquzzaman. Small and medium-scale enterprises in industrial development : by Reza, Sadrel. Small is beautiful : by Schumacher, E. F. Smart guide to managing personal finance / by Glossbrenner, Alfred. Sociology in our times : by Kendall, Diana Stagnation, agrarian structure and credit / by Mitra, Ashok. Stata for the behavioral science/ by Mitchell, Michael N. Statistical techniques in business & economics / by Lind, Douglas A. Statistical techniques in business & economics / by Lind, Douglas A. Statistical techniques in business and economics / by Rahman, Matiur. Statistics for business and economics / by Newbold, Paul. Statistics for business and economics / by Anderson, David R. Statistics for business and economics / by Anderso, David R. Stock market strategies that work / by Bernstein, Jacob. Stock valuation : by Hoover, Scott A. Straight talk on investing : by Brennan, Jack. Structural economics : by Duchin, Faye. Studies in Bangladesh banking / Teaching of economics / Technical analysis applications / by Luca, Cornelius. Technical report writing today / by Pauley, Steven E. Technology development in developing countries / by Choi, Hyung Sup Technology management and deveopment of nations / by Azim, M. Anwarul. Text book on islamic banking / The big ripoff : by Carney, Timothy P. The bond and money markets : by Choudhry, Moorad. The bull hunter : by Denning, Dan. The crisis of external depencdence : by Sobhan, Rehman. The economic life of refugees / by Jacobsen, Karen. The economics of development and planning / by Jhingan, M. L. The economics of health and health care / by Folland, Sherman The economics of microfinance / by Armendariz, Beatriz The economics of money, banking, and financial markets / by Mishkin, Frederic S. The economics of urban transportation / by Small, Kenneth A. The economy of money, banking and financial markets / by Mishkin, Frederic S. The economy today / by Schiller, Bradley R., The environment and emerging development issues / The future of environmental criticism : by Buell, Lawrence. The global trader : by Rockefeller, Barbara. The handbook of corporate debt instruments / The handbook of stable value investmnets / The house of klein : by Marsh, Lisa. The idea of justice / by Sen, Amartya. The Japanese strategy : by Rahman, Mustafizur The Learning Annex presents making money in real estate : by Shemin, Robert, The least developed countries report 2010 : The least developed countries report 2012 : The least developed countries report 2013 : The least developed countries report 2014 : The macro economy today / by Schiller, Bradley R. The mark of the Bundesbank : by Heisenberg, Dorothee. The maverick adn his machine / by Maney, Kevin. The Merck druggernaut : by Hawthorne, Fran. The new consumers : by Myers, Norman. The new microfinacne handbook : The political economiy inquality / The portable MBA in investment / The price of a dream : by Bornstein, David The principles of political economy and taxation / by Ricardo, David The readymade garment industry of Bangladesh / by Siddiqi, Hafiz G. A. The SBI Group vision and strategy : by Kitao, Yoshitaka. The stock market barometer / by Hamilton, William Peter. The Textile and clothing industry of Bangladesh in a changing world economy / by Islam, Sadequl. The theory of existence of general equilibrium in the history of mathematical economics / by Ahmed, Shamsun N. The trouble with capitalism : by Shutt, Harry. The true costs of road transport / The vital few versus the trivial many : by Muzea, George. The wealth of nations / by Smith, Adam, The World bank and the gods of lending / by Berkman, Steve. Theory and applications of microeconomics / by Agarwal, O. M. Theory and problems of introduction to mathematical economics / by Dowling, Edward T. Theory and problems of investments / by Francis, Jack Clark. Theory of econometrics : by Koutsoyiannis, A. Three taxes of Bangladesh : by Haque, Fazlul. Top priorities : by Azad, Abul Kalam. Trade your way to wealth : by Kraft, Bill. Trading systems and money management : by Stridsman, Thomas. Transport economics : by Mallard, Graham Transport economics / by Button, Kenneth Tree decades of foreign aid / by Khaleque, Abdul. Trends in the post-flood economy : Unlimited riches : by Shemin, Robert. Unwarranted intrusions : by Fridson, Martin. Urban and regional planning / by Hall, Peter Urban economics / by O'Sullivan, Arthur Urban land use planning / by Rapoport, Amos Urbanization and growth / Walk like a giant, sell like a madman : by Roberts, Ralph R., Wall street peoples : by Ellias, Charles. Water resources : Wealth of experience : by Clarke, Andrew S. Who benefits most from the microfinance in Bangladesh / by Khandker, Shahidur R. Winning the cash flow war : by Rewey, Fred. Women empowerment : by Jain, Rashmin Women, gender, and development : by Mahtab, Nazmunnessa. Yearbook of agricultural statistics 2016 / Yes, you can time the market ! / by Stein, Ben. অবস্থা বদলের জন্য ব্যবস্থা বদলের সন্ধানে / by আহমদ, কাজী খলীকুজ্জমান (Ahmed, Qazi Kholiquzzaman. আধুনিক অর্থনীতি (Ardunik Athoraneti) / by হক, মোহাম্মদ লুৎফুল । আধুনিক রাষ্ট্রবিজ্ঞান / by মহাপত্র, অনাদিকুমার । আয়কর সারগ্রন্থ (Income tax manual) / by আমজাদ, আবু । আল - কুরআনে অর্থনীতি (Al - Quran Economy) / ইসলাম ও অর্থনৈতিক চ্যালেঞ্জ (Islam and the economic challenge) / by চাপরা, এম. উমর (Chapra, M. Umer) ইসলামী অর্থনীতির আলোকে আয় ও সম্পদ বণ্টন ব্যবস্থা (Income and wealth distribution system in the light of islamic economics) / by আজাদ, আবুল কালাম (Azad, Abul Kalam). ইসলামী অর্থনীতির রুপরেখা (Islami orrthonitir ruprekha) : by মান্নান, চৌধুরী মুহম্মদ আবদুল (Mannan, Chowdhury Muammad Abdul) ইসলামী ক্ষুদ্রঋণ : by আহমদ, মাহমুদ (Ahmad, Mahmud) ইসলামী দৃষ্টিকোণ থেকে: by চাপরা, এম. উমর (Chapra, M. Umer) ইসলামী ব্যাংকিং (Islamic banking) by রহমান, এ. এ. এ. হাবীবুর (Rahman, A. A. M. Habibur) ইসলামে ব্যবসা বাণিজ্য ও ব্যাংকিং এর রুপরেখা (Islamic Bebsha Banijja O Banking Ar Puprakha) by আশরাফী, মো: ফজলুর রহমান (Ashrafi, Md. Fazlur Rahman) ইসলামের অর্থনৈতিক মতাদর্শ (Islamer Arthanaitik Matadarsha) / by ইউসূফুদ্দীন, মুহাম্মদ । উন্নয়নের কথা মানুষের কথা / by আহমদ, কাজী খলীকুজ্জমান (Ahmed, Qazi Kholiquzzaman) কৌটিলীয়ম্ অর্থশাস্ত্রম্ ১ম খন্ড / by শাস্ত্রী, মানবেন্দু বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় (Shastri, Manubendu Bondaypadhaya)। কৌটিলীয়ম্ অর্থশাস্ত্রম্ ২য় খন্ড / by শাস্ত্রী, মানবেন্দু বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় (Shastri, Manubendu Bondaypadhaya)। গণতন্ত্রের সাফল্য চাহিয়াছি / by হোসেন, মইনুল । পাঠদান পদ্ধতি ও শ্রেণী সংগঠন / by আলী, মোহাম্মদ আজহার (Ali, Md. Azahar) প্যালেস্টাইন আফগানিস্তান ও ইরাকে মার্কিন সাম্রাজ্যবাদ / by উমর, বদরুদ্দীন । বাংলাদেশ : by মিন্টু, আবদুল আউয়াল । বাংলাদেশ উন্নয়ন বিতর্ক : বাংলাদেশে আর্থ-সামাজিক বিকাশ : by আহমদ, কাজী খলীকুজ্জামান (Ahmed, Qazi Kholiquzzaman) বাংলাদেশের অর্থনীতি (Bangladesh Arthaniti) / by খান, মো: শামসুল কবীর। বাংলাদেশের অর্থনীতি (Bangladesh Arthaniti) / by খান, মো: শামসুল কবীর । বাংলাদেশের অর্থনীতি (The economy of Bangladesh) : by হাসান, মোহাম্মদ আবুল (Hasan, Mohammad Abul). বাংলাদেশের অর্থনীতি পর্যালোচনা ২০০৭-০৮ (The bangladesh economy in fy 2007-08) / বাংলাদেশের ভবিষ্যৎ নির্মাণ / by আহমদ, কাজী খলীকুজ্জমান বাংলাদেশের শিক্ষা প্রশাসন ও ব্যবস্থাপনা / by খান, আনসার আলী । ব্যষ্টিক অর্থনীতির রূপরেখা ও প্রয়োগ (Bestik Arthoniti Ruprakha) / by দে, হরেন্দ্র কান্তি (De Horadro Kanti ). মুস্‌তফা সারওয়ারের রাজনৈতিক কলাম / by সারওয়ার, খালেদা । রাজনৈতিক সংকট : by আলম, নাজমুল । শিল্প সম্পর্ক / by তাহের, এম এ (Taher M. A).